A guide to help ensure you choose a wellbeing platform that is going to meet the current and future needs of your organisation

As organisations respond to the global pandemic and the new 'normal', it has become more important than ever that we take a proactive approach in promoting employee wellbeing and mental health. When reviewing your options in a market being flooded by new online wellbeing initiatives and platforms, it is important to take note that not all online wellbeing platforms are created equal!

We have put together a simple checklist for you to evaluate your own online wellbeing platform requirements. This 'cheat sheet' pinpoints the critical factors and non-negotiable functionality that will benefit both your employees and your organisation now and into the future.


Our guide helps to evaluate platforms on these key aspects:

  • Supports your overall organisation’s goals
  • Meets your organisation’s needs
  • Integrates all of your content
  • Reduces administrative demands
  • Achieves your key success factors
  • Promotes behaviour change
  • Delivers relevant content to employees
  • Engages employees / members
  • Is available when employees are most ready to make changes
  • Encourages family / friend participation